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Careers in Real Estate

What does it mean to be a partner on the Kelly Realty team?

Let's start with our definition of the word:

  • R ealistic goals for buyers, sellers and Kelly Realty Estate
  • E ducated, trained professionals to serve your needs
  • A + customer satisfaction guarantee
  • L oyalty to clients and ProHelp Real Estate
  • T eamwork, teamwork, teamwork!
  • O ngoing company growth and success
  • R eliable service you have grown to expect from ProHelp Real Estate

Now the ball is in your court. Only you can make the decision to change your career path and move ahead towards an exciting new future as a ProHelp Real Estate Agent.

This wonderful career allows you to work with a variety of people, learn more about your community and become an independent, successful sales representative for ProHelp Real Estate Real Estate.

As a real estate agent you will be able to:

Represent Buyer(s) by:

  • Showing clients a variety of properties of interest
  • Knowing the buyers' wants and needs
  • Understanding the financial limits of the buyers
  • Having realistic knowledge of property value
  • Understanding the surrounding community
  • Understanding the legalities when buying a home
  • Providing buyers with home loan information
  • Communicating with the buyer on a daily basis

Represent Seller(s) by:

  • Guiding them to a realistic asking price
  • Listing the home and completing proper paperwork
  • Understanding the legalities of selling a home
  • Providing tips to make their home more "sellable"
  • Promoting the home through creative marketing strategies
  • Communicating with the seller on a weekly basis

ProHelp Real Estate works with each Sales Associate on an individual level. We pride ourselves on offering our Sales Associates cutting-edge technology through the use of our web site, continuing education courses and workshops and 100% administrative support and recognition.

We offer many different programs for agents of all calibers. Our goal is to grow YOUR business and name. ProHelp Real Estate offers an incredible amount of tools to help you grow your business, and become more effective and efficient and your business.

Kelly Realty Associates are the best in the business and it shows!

If you would like more information on joining the ProHelp Real Estate Team, contact us at 330-915-6127 or 330-602-6022 or click here to submit a request form for additional information.